Our Business

Chairborne Machinery Liaoning Co., Ltd. is a supplier of industrial 4.0 process logistics solutions. After 20 years of development, we have become the first echelon of logistics equipment R & D and manufacturing. The head is in Shenyang and Fushun New City, also with an international headquarter in Germany, branches in Hebei, Shandong province and other places, which forms a sound service network and a stable customer base.


We have two subsidiaries: Chairborne Machinery Liaoning Co., Ltd. and Chairborne Machinery Fushun Co., Ltd.
Brand: Chairborne, mainly engaged in material handling, packaging, storage, sorting, demolition, personalized customized solutions for 5 major product segments, and software control systems.

we export more than 300,000 pieces / unit of high-quality equipment to the world every year on agriculture, animal husbandry, grain and oil, food, medicine, breeding, glass, automobile and other industries.

The company implements ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, products passed SGS standard technical testing, 19 national standards drafted and customized. And a number of technical patents was awarded “high-tech enterprises.

Our engineers will never easily recommend a certain product to customers without fully grasping all the data that will be used. In the future, we will apply more AI concepts to the field of material sorting and circulation products. We will, as always, strive to make the material handling safer and more orderly, supply chain more reliable and efficient.

Our corporate mission: Continuously empowering logistics.

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