Double station packaging machine

Double-station belt packing machine. Double station means two working positions, that can pack two bags at a time. Belt refers to the way of belt conveyor feeding; A packing machine is a machine that packages materials.

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Structure & Working principle

Double station packaging machine

Structure: The standard machine is composed of inclination belt machine, hopper, main scale body, horizontal conveyor, seam machine and control system.

Main work flow: PLC set parameters→Artificial put bag→Belt conveyor feeding→Bin vibration→Packing machine start→Conveyor start →Packing machine stop→sealing and conveying.

Applications & Characteristic

1. Application scope: this packaging machine is suitable for packaging materials with high moisture content and super viscosity (non-liquid state).Viscous powders and lumps, such as slime cinder (mineral) and semi-solid bitumen (petrochemical).

Application: applicable to mineral, petrochemical and other industries.

Application scene: the equipment is installed in the big and spacious warehouse, the production factory room, the ground is required to level.


2.Features: brand accessories. The cylinder and solenoid valve adopt Ya Deke, the weighing sensor adopts guangzhou electric measurement, the control instrument adopts germain, the solid state relay adopts maigel, the frequency converter adopts huicuan, the circuit breaker and the sewing bag switch adopts zhengtai, the sewing machine adopts tianpeng, the switching power supply adopts omron, and the reducer adopts hangzhou jiacheng.

3.Features: the equipment is manufactured with 304L stainless steel material. The carbon content of 304L is less than 0.03%, while that of ordinary 304 is less than 0.08%. In comparison, 304L has better corrosion resistance. After welding or stress elimination, 304L has better resistance to intercrystalline corrosion than 304.

4.Features: feeding design of viscous materials. This packaging machine is equipped with feeding mechanism (inclination belt machine and vibration bin) to solve the problem of poor fluidity of viscous materials; Non-viscous ordinary material packaging machine does not support this part.

5.Self characteristics: scraper scraping material. At the end of the belt machine, the scraper baffle is installed below. When the belt machine is turned down, the residual material is hung up by the baffle into the bin to solve the problem of material sticking to the belt. If there is no scraper, the residual material falls to the ground, which affects the environmental sanitation and wastes the material cost.

belt conveyor

6.Features: material transport, using inclined belt machine. Compared with bucket lift type and screw type feeding, the belt is a continuous conveying surface, which can conveying uneven distribution of viscous materials, and conveying surface flat state convenient scraping materials; The bucket lift conveyor is discontinuous and can not scrape material, although the screw continuous transport but can not scrape material.

7.Features: bin vibration. The vibration motor is installed at the lower part of the outer wall of the bin. The motor starts to drive the vibration of the silo, and speeds up the discharging speed of viscous materials to 200-300 packets/hour. If there is no vibration motor, super sticky material hanging wall, easy to cause the bottom of the warehouse block.

higher returns

8.Features: low price. The standard price of the equipment is 28,000 yuan, the control cost of semi-automatic equipment is lower than that of full-automatic equipment, and the failure rate and maintenance cost are lower, which can meet the needs of middle and low-end customers.

9.Performance characteristics: Save labor. When manual packaging is adopted, the filling of adhesive materials in the packaging bag needs the cooperation of two people, and the sealing of the bag needs one person. And the use of equipment packaging, only need a manual operation. Save two labor every year and recover the cost within one year.

packaging of mechanical equipment
high degree of automation

10.Performance characteristics: high efficiency. When using manual packaging, about 40-60 packages/hour; The equipment is packaged at a speed of 200-300 packs per hour, with an average increase of 1600 packs per day and an annual increase of 400,000 packs.

11.Performance characteristics: high degree of automation, quantitative error of 2%.Only manual bagging and bagging are needed, the rest procedures including entrainment, vibrating bin, weighing, conveying and stitching are controlled by the system, and the equipment can be started.

Quantitative error
Extended features:

12.Extended features: products can be customized according to the site and customer requirements. The whole equipment includes inclination belt machine, available for purchase.

13. Extended features: packaging bags after sewing, palletizing machine can be used with handling palletizing. The stacker is installed at the end of the horizontal conveyor, which is fully automated, safe, efficient and labor-saving. The whole equipment does not include palletizer, available for purchase.

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