High position woven bag palletizer

Scientific name: high position palletizer, which means the machine for palletizing at a high position.

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Structure & Working principle

high position woven bag palletizer

Structure composition: bag pouring machine, grader, bag rolling machine, bag grabbing machine, main machine lifting mechanism, stacker, pallet warehouse, control system.

Working principle: set the parameters in the control system, horizontally transport the bags on the conveyor, push the bags by the bag pouring machine, lift the bags to the high platform by the grader, level the bags by the bag rolling machine, output an empty tray to the lifting mechanism by the tray library, the lifting mechanism rises to receive the bags, the bag grabbing machine grasps the bags through the formation, piles them, and the lifting mechanism falls and leaves the stack The conveyor delivers the whole stack of pallets.

Applications & Characteristic

1. Scope of application: the high-level stacker can only stack bags, not boxes.

Application Industry: applicable to all kinds of production and manufacturing, such as grain, chemical fertilizer, feed, building materials, chemical industry, minerals, etc.

Application scenario: mainly used in the palletizing production line of packaging bags, usually as the follow-up equipment of the packaging machine, to improve the production capacity and transfer capacity.

Scope of application

2.Its own characteristics: equipment manufacturing, guide plate, baffle, stop bar use 304L stainless steel material. The carbon content of 304L is below 0.03%, while that of ordinary 304 is below 0.08%. The corrosion resistance of 304L is better. After welding or stress relief, the resistance of 304L to intergranular corrosion is better than that of 304L.

3.Features: compared with manual palletizing, the palletizing speed of high-level palletizer is stable at 400-500 packets / hour, which can save 4 labors.

palletizing speed
the packing bags

4.Self characteristics: compared with manual stacking, the packing bags stacked by high.stacking machine are neat and not easy to slide down.

5.Its own characteristics: the use of manipulator stacker in plateau area is affected by air temperature and pressure, unstable. High position stacker can be used in any area, with strong adaptability.

with strong adaptability
low failure rate

6.Features: compared with manipulator stacker, high stacker has simple structure, low failure rate, easy maintenance and repair. The price of manipulator stacker is about 350000-400000, and the price of high stacker is 100000-150000, which can meet the needs of ordinary customers.

7.Own characteristics: compared with ordinary high stacking machine, this machine adopts German technology. The main engine automatically circulates the broken oil to save the manual maintenance; the servo motor controls the lifting, no longer uses the hydraulic cylinder, avoids the vibration shock question.

hydraulic cylinder
change equipment

8.Its own characteristics: ordinary high-level stacker can only handle products of one production line, while this machine can handle products of three production lines at the same time. Just input new data and recalculate, no need to change accessories and no need to change equipment.

9.Performance features: high position stacker is a kind of automatic stacker, which can complete the whole process of bag pouring, bag loading, shaping, plate loading, stacking and stacking. Realize the function of single bag input and whole stack output.

Hacking Machine
animal feed automatic weighing machine

10.Performance features: the stacking type and number of stacking layers can be set arbitrarily, and all operations can be completed by hand touch on the control cabinet screen, with simple operation.

11.Performance features: brand accessories. cylinder solenoid valve adopts the brand of AIRTAC , servo system belongs to Brand of VEICHI, INOVANCE is used for servo controller,induction switch adopts the brand of BANNER,control system adopts the brand of SIEMENS, electrical components adopts the brand of CHNT,linear slide adopts the brand of DINGXIN.

brand accessories.

12.Extension features: the main part of the machine can be selected as the feed and discharge port on three sides, which can effectively adapt to the site.

13.Extension features: the whole set of equipment includes the bag pouring mechanism at the feeding end, the stacker at the discharging end, and the automatic tray library. The above parts can be purchased.

automatic tray library
Equipment custom

14.Extension features: can be customized according to site, customer and other requirements.