Single station powder packing machine

Ordinary powder packing machine. Ordinary powder refers to the water less general powder. A packing machine is a machine that packages materials.

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Structure & Working principle

Sugar packets of installed

Structure introduction: the standard configuration includes main scale body, horizontal conveyor, sewing machine and control system.

Working principle: PLC set parameters → manual bag loading → packaging machine blanking → conveyor start → blanking stop → output sewing bag.

Applications & Characteristic

1.Application: suitable for packing powder with less moisture.Such as aluminum oxide powder (chemical), flour, cement (building materials) and so on.

Application: applicable to chemical industry, flour, building materials and other industries.

Application: the equipment should be installed in the spacious warehouse and production room, and the ground should be smooth and dry.

caustic soda packing machine
caustic soda bagging machine

2.Own characteristics: brand accessories. The cylinder and solenoid valve adopt yadeke, the weighing sensor adopts guangzhou electric measurement, the control instrument adopts germaine, the circuit breaker and the sewing bag switch adopts zhengtai, the sewing machine adopts tianpeng, the switching power supply adopts omron, the reducer adopts hangzhou jiacheng, the screw motor adopts Shanghai anli and changzhou wintong.

3.Features: equipment manufacturing, 304L stainless steel material.304L contains less than 0.03% carbon, while ordinary 304 is less than 0.08%. In comparison, 304L has better corrosion resistance.And after welding or stress relief, 304L has better resistance to intergranular corrosion than 304.

Fertilizer Packing Machine

4.Its own characteristics: powder circulation is not as good as particles, the silo through the double screw machine into the packaging machine, spiral feed for powder circulation, to avoid the silo block.Ensure the packing speed is between 160 and 260 packages per hour.

5.Self-characteristics: start with the coarse screw machine feeding alone, when the weighing value is close to the set value, the thick screw automatically stop, change to the fine screw feeding alone, reduce the feeding speed, to ensure the cutting accuracy of ±0.2%.

powder fertilizer bagging machine
organic fertilizer packing machine

6.Self – characteristics: the beater, installed in the front of the main balance body lower position.The flapping disc is attached to the telescopic cylinder and flaps the hanging and cutting bag in front of it.Compared with the single powder scale, the bag design avoids the powder sticking to the bag and improves the packaging quality.

7.Performance characteristics: high degree of automation, system control bag, cutting, bag, delivery sewing bag, through the control of the touch screen on the cabinet operation Settings.

cat sand bag filler machine
higher returns

8.Performance features: low price.The standard price of the equipment is 20,000 to 30,000, the control cost of semi-automatic equipment is lower than that of full-automatic, and the failure rate and maintenance cost are lower, which can meet the needs of middle and low-end customers

9.Performance characteristics: save labor.When manual packaging is adopted, two people are required to cooperate with the packing bag to fill viscous materials, and one person is required to seal them.The use of equipment packaging, only a manual operation.Save two labor every year, recover the cost in one year.

compost packing machine
Tapioca Flour Packing Machine

10.Performance characteristics: high efficiency.When using manual packaging, about 40-60 packages/hour;However, with equipment packaging, the speed is 160-260 packages per hour, with an average production increase of 1200 packages per day and an annual production increase of 300,000 packages.

11.Extended features: products can be customized according to the site conditions and customer requirements.The whole set of equipment without hopper part, customers can choose.

tapioca flour filling machine
cassava flour packing machine

12.Extension features: after sewing the bag, it can be used with palletizer and connected with the end of the horizontal conveyor.High degree of automation, safe and efficient.The whole set of equipment without palletizer, customers can choose.