Rice granule packing machine

Rice granule packing machine.Rice refers to the packaging of grain, grain refers to the packaging materials for particles, packaging machine refers to the packaging materials of the machine.

  • Rice granule packing machine
  • Rice granule packing machine
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Structure & Working principle

rice packing machine structure introduction:

1.main scale body,

2 horizontal conveyor,

3 sewing machine.

4 control system.

packing machine Working process:

PLC set parameters → manual bag loading → packaging machine blanking →

conveyor start → blanking stop → conveying seam bag.

Applications & Characteristic

The Rice granule packing machine segment details are as follows

  1. PLC setting parameters: the weight to be weighed for a single bag needs to be set in the control system before packaging.
  2. Manual bag loading: manually cover the bag on the discharge port, and then move the right hand hand lever to control the cylinder operation to clamp the bag.
  3. Packaging machine blanking: after bag clamping, start the packaging machine button on the control cabinet, the packaging machine feeds, and blanking to the packaging bag.
  4. Conveyor start: before the completion of blanking, start the horizontal conveyor button in advance, and the conveyor starts to operate without load, ready to transport the filled bags.
  5. Blanking stop: when the material in the packaging bag reaches the set weight, the system controls the packaging machine to stop blanking, and then controls the cylinder to return to the position, the strap is released, the packaging bag falls on the horizontal conveyor, the conveyor carries the packaging bag to move horizontally, at this time, the workers should hold the bag until the end of sewing.
  6. Delivery of sewing bag: when the packaging bag is delivered to the sewing machine, step on the ground foot switch, the sewing machine will be turned on, and the bag mouth will be sewn continuously as the bag moves horizontally. When the bag is completely separated from the sewing bag and the foot switch is released, the sewing machine stops and the bag continues to be delivered to the end of the conveyor.
  7. At the end of the horizontal conveyor, manual handling or palletizing machine is used to handle the packaging bags to complete a packaging process.