Single bucket particle packaging machine

single bucket particle packaging machine. Single bucket means that the packaging machine has a lower hopper;granule means that the packaging materials are granule; and packaging machine means the machine that packages the materials.

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Structure & Working principle

structure introduction: main scale body, horizontal conveyor, sewing machine and control system.

Working process: PLC set parameters → manual bag loading → packaging machine blanking → conveyor start → blanking stop → conveying seam bag.

Applications & Characteristic

1. Application scope: suitable for packing granular materials with less water and better fluidity, such as rubber and plastic granules.

Application Industry: it is suitable for chemical industry, mineral industry, food industry, chemical fertilizer and feed industry.

Application scenario: the equipment is installed in a spacious warehouse and production plant, and the ground is required to be flat and dry.

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2.Features: brand accessories. The cylinder and solenoid valve adopt Ya Deke, the weighing sensor adopts guangzhou electric measurement, the control instrument adopts germain, the solid state relay adopts maigel, the frequency converter adopts huicuan, the circuit breaker and the sewing bag switch adopts zhengtai, the sewing machine adopts tianpeng, the switching power supply adopts omron, and the reducer adopts hangzhou jiacheng.

3.Features: single scale. The packing machine generally adopts the single scale bucket type, which is made of stainless steel. The inner surface of the scale bucket is smooth, so that the materials are not easy to adhere. The speed of single bucket packer is 200-300 packages / hour higher than that of non bucket packer.

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Pellet Feed Weighing Packaging machine

4.characteristics: the equipment is made of 304L stainless steel. The carbon content of 304L is less than 0.03%, while that of ordinary 304 is less than 0.08%, so the corrosion resistance of 304L is better. After welding or stress relief, the resistance of 304L to intergranular corrosion is better than that of 304.

5.Performance features: high degree of automation, the system controls bag clamping, blanking, bag stripping, and conveying seam bag, which are set through the touch screen on the control cabinet. The packaging accuracy is ± 0.2%.

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higher returns

6.Performance characteristics: low price. The standard price of the equipment is 20000-30000, and the cost of semi-automatic equipment control is lower than that of full-automatic equipment. The failure rate and maintenance cost are low, which can meet the needs of low-end customers.

7.Performance characteristics: labor saving. When manual packaging is used, two people are required to cooperate in filling the sticky materials in the packaging bag, and one person is required to seal the package, with three manual operations as a whole; when equipment packaging is used, only one manual operation is required. Two labors are saved every year, and the cost is recovered within one year.

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8.Performance characteristics: high efficiency. When manual packaging is used, it is about 40-60 packages / hour; when equipment packaging is used, the speed is increased by 10 times at 400-600 packages / hour, with an average increase of 3600 packages per day and 900000 packages per year.

9.Extension features: products can be customized according to site conditions and customer requirements. The whole set of equipment includes silo, which can be purchased by customers.

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10.Extension features: it can be used with stacker after seam wrapping and connected with the end of horizontal conveyor. High degree of automation, safety and efficiency. The whole set of equipment has no stacker, customers can choose.