Ton bag packing machine

Scientific name: ton bag packing machine. Ton bag is a kind of large packing bag that can pack the whole ton of materials. The packing machine refers to the machine that packs the materials.

  • large bag
  • vibration feeding
  • single station
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Structure & Working principle

set parameters

Structure introduction: mainly including main scale body, control system, quantitative feeding mechanism, lifting mechanism, bag clamping mechanism and bag hanging mechanism.

Working process: set parameters, hang bags and cover bags, clamp bags, cut and vibrate bags, stop cutting, drop and take off bags, seal and carry.

Applications & Characteristic

1. Application scope: suitable for packing granular materials and powder with good fluidity. Such as fertilizer particles, feed particles, chemical powder sulfur, silicon powder, etc.

Application Industry: suitable for chemical fertilizer, feed, chemical industry and other industries.

The equipment is installed in a spacious warehouse and production plant, and the ground is required to be flat and dry.

Application scope

2.Features: the equipment is made of 304L stainless steel. The carbon content of 304L is less than 0.03%, while that of ordinary 304 is less than 0.08%, so the corrosion resistance of 304L is better. After welding or stress relief, the resistance of 304L to intergranular corrosion is better than that of 304.

3.Its own characteristics: tons of bag packaging, single bag 500-1200kg. One ton bag can replace multiple woven bags. The unit price of each ton bag is about 15-20 yuan, and that of the woven bag is about 1-2 yuan. The cost of each ton bag material is lower than that of the woven bag, and the ton bag can be recycled. Material cost has advantages.

One ton bag
stacked woven bags

4.Its own characteristics: compared with the stacked woven bags, the ton bag is a whole, which is convenient for forklift transportation and saves the pallet cost required by the woven bags; moreover, the ton bag can be stacked, which saves space compared with the woven bag in container transportation. Transportation cost has advantages.

5.Own characteristics: adopt the upper weighing method, that is, the electronic scale is above the packaging machine. The lower weighing method is not used, because when the electronic scale is below, the error is relatively large, between 0.3% – 0.5%. If the electronic scale is installed on the ground, it is easy to be interfered by various factors, affecting the accuracy of weighing.

The weighing sensor
lifting mechanism

6.Features: lifting mechanism. In the process of packing and blanking, the vibrating bag is used to fill all the space of the packing bag, which improves the packing efficiency and can reach 10-40 bags / hour. Normal maximum 20 bags / hour.

7.Performance features: bag hanging mechanism. The air cylinder of the hanging bag hook is controlled by the system to shrink and automatically unhook after blanking. No need to manually remove the sling, intelligent design, saving part of the labor.

bag hanging mechanism
brand accessories

8.Performance features: brand accessories. The cylinder and solenoid valve are made of AIRTAC and the control instrument is made of GENERAL MEASURE.

9.Performance features: high degree of automation, system control bag clamping, blanking, vibration bag, bag removal, through the touch screen on the control cabinet operation settings. The packaging accuracy is ± 0.2%.

vibration feeding
higher returns

10.Performance features: low price. The standard price of the equipment is $4400-5900usd, and the cost of semi-automatic equipment control is lower than that of full-automatic equipment. The failure rate and maintenance cost are low, which can meet the needs of low-end customers.

11.Extended features: products can be customized according to customer requirements.

be customized