Air-blowing Valve Packaging Machine

Blowing type refers to the packing machine feeding method is the use of fan blowing, valve mouth is like a valve can control the horizontal outlet, packing machine is the material packaging machine.

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Structure & Working principle

Valve Bag Packer

Structure: mainly including gas transmission mechanism, PLC control system, electronic scale, bag device, discharge port, pressure gauge.

Working principle: Set parameters → manual bagging → press the bag with the start button → open the blanking outlet of the packaging machine → open the blanking outlet with the fan blowing → blow the blanking outlet → release the blanking stop press bag → return the bag manually.

Applications & Characteristic


suitable for packaging fine powder with strong air affinity, fragile and easily worn particle materials, such as dry mortar, quartz sand.

Application: suitable for mineral building materials, petrochemical and other industries.

Application: the equipment should be installed in the workshop, the ground should be smooth and the environment should be dry.


bag: the valve mouth packing machine USES the special valve pocket packing.After filling the valve pocket, the contents will squeeze the valve pocket from the inside to close the valve mouth to achieve sealing effect.

3. Features
equipment manufacturing, material contact part of 304L stainless steel material.304L contains less than 0.03% carbon, while ordinary 304 is less than 0.08%. In comparison, 304L has better corrosion resistance.And after welding or stress relief, 304L has better resistance to intergranular corrosion than 304.

4.Self – characteristics

the use of fan blowing feed.The low-pressure airflow produces kinetic energy to transport materials, which solves the packaging problem of materials with easy wear and improves the packaging quality.Screw feed type valve packing machine, paddle rotation on the material impact violently.

5.Self – characteristics

save labor.When manual packing is adopted, two persons are needed for packing bag filling and one person is needed for sealing.Using equipment packaging, only one person to complete the operation, save two labor.

6.Self – characteristics

improve efficiency.When using manual packaging, about 40-60 packages/hour;Equipment packaging, 400-600 packages/hour.The output increased by an average of 3,600 bales per day and 900,000 bales per year.


the cylinder and solenoid valve adopt yade brand;The weighing instrument and pressure sensor adopt guangzhou electric test brand, the quantitative error is 5%.

8.Performance features

the height of the weighing frame can be adjusted, various weights and different specifications of valve pockets can be applied, packing range of 20-50kg.

9.Performance characteristics

high degree of automation.Only manual bag, bag, the rest of the procedures are controlled by the system interlock, start the equipment can.

10.Performance characteristics

valve port horizontal tube design, convenient bagging of valve pocket hanging bag, good fixing effect of bag pressing device.

11.Performance characteristics

valve air dynamic discharge.Compressed air blowing in the valve port speeds up the lateral discharge speed.

12.Extended features

the whole set of equipment includes bin, bag filter, excluding feeder, conveyor, palletizer, can be selected.

11.Extended features

products can be customized according to customer requirements and site conditions.